Sunday, 3 July 2011

Meeting The Man From Glossop

One of the good things about blogging and birding is meeting other birders. Whilst I'm not that keen on big crowds and big twitches the opportunity to wander around some of the local sites here in Northumberland with birders from outside the area is one I'll rarely pass up. I've been lucky over the past year, partly courtesy of organising NTBC Indoor Meetings and partly due to blogging, to meet up with a diverse array of interesting birders such as Steve Rutt, Martin Garner, Nick Moran and Alan & Ruth Davies.

When I noticed that renowned bird blogger Tom Mckinney was in the area I couldn't resist dropping him a message suggesting we meet up. For those that may not have come across the name, Tom was responsible for what is regarded as one of the seminal personal birding 'blogs', taking what is best described as a very individual outlook on his birding and writing. Tom currently blogs once a week at the multi-authored Birding Blogs and is also a panel member of the birding equivalent of The Archers at Charlie Moores Talking Naturally Conference Calls.

Sadly a chipped tooth two weeks ago came home to haunt me and I woke up Friday with an abscess necessitating an urgent dental appointment (Where's Jimmy when you need him eh?) so time was cut short to a couple of hours. Despite this a visit to Castle Island gave us a bit of time to catch up with a single Spoonbill, Ruff  and Green Sandpiper. We chewed the cud, talked raptor persecution, the cost of twitching, blogging, tried not to talk about that birdforum thread and generally had an entertaining morning.

Finally I'd like to thank Tom for providing an exclusive gig performed from the boot of my car in Church Point car park. Sadly I would have liked to bring you the music to enjoy but the lack of a bandwidth sponsor prevents me from doing so. 

Tom Mckinney Unplugged at Newbiggin

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