Sunday, 10 July 2011

Med Mystery

I got a text from fellow Newbiggin watcher Steve Holliday yesterday morning alerting me to a further arrival of Mediterranean Gulls at Newbiggin. Steve had counted 22 in total, up by 12 since 4th when I counted 10. I popped down in the afternoon to have a look for ringed birds, though by the time I got their and with the kids in tow I could only find 14. Anyway I spoke to Steve again this morning who was back on the beach and not a single Med was present, so an appeal, if you're out and about and you stumble across some Med Gulls let us know where please as we are both interested as to whether they are moving inland or offshore. Ta.

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Anonymous said...

there was 13 today including 8 adult .... the rest looked like 2cnd year birds