Sunday, 3 July 2011

Island Groove

I'm kind of getting back into a happy place with one of my former patches at the moment, it's funny how these things come around. Partly pushed by the price of petrol and somewhat seduced by the summer sun I keep finding myself heading that way.

After a lazy day, prompted in part by a late finish after some more Nightjar shenanigans last night with Andy, I headed down to Castle Island early evening. Just to rewind for a second we had some success again last night both hearing a male and having decent views of one Nightjar gliding down the side of the track beside us. The clearing sky ensured light for longer and we must have been in the area until midnight. After first splitting up, Andy heading for the original site where we knew there was at least one pair and me moving off into the adjacent tetrad to search for other territories; we regrouped after an hour. I had drawn a blank but the next tetrad over was much more open with very recent clearfell and perhaps not as suitable. Andy had already heard a churring male but without any sight records, though we quickly put that right after walking back along the original track again.

Tonight then, Castle Island, the water level surprisingly higher than the past few days so either the tide has been high and topped the weir or the weir has been closed to retain more water. A single adult Spoonbill remains; a Common Sandpiper the only passage wader tonight but an interesting and probable patch tick (I need to check) in the form of a Jay that flushed from the end of the dene on the south bank by a couple of families with kids and flew off upriver

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Alan Gilbertson said...

I had a look at Castle Island mid-afternoon. The male ruff (smart bird) was still there and about half a dozen common sandpipers and a green sandpiper.