Monday, 6 June 2011

Bowled Over

After several days of birding I fancied something different today. I'd heard on the grapevine that there was a big bowling match on in Hartlepool and I've been meaning to get the kids interested, it's such a gentle game and all that stretching and knee bending keeps you supple.
I was a little surprised when a couple of the lads wanted to join us as I hadn't realised just how passionate they were about the old game. Stewart even took a flexi day offering to point out the finer points to the kids. Bowling has really taken off in a big way since I was last at a game, I was amazed at the number of spectators who had arrived early and were all enjoying the sunshine, staking their place for the big game. Interesting too how technology seems to have brought lots of new people into the game, many of the fans today had binoculars and even telescopes so they could get up close to the action and not miss out on a crucial end.
 Some of the new spectators

You could tell they were all very knowledgeable about the game as I kept overhearing people referring to the "white" and "sweetie" (that's the jack if you're not into bowls) and also quite a few kept talking about the "third" that's the one who decides the result of each end.
It has to be said though that these recent recruits to the game need to polish up on their etiquette a little and improve their attention span. Every few minutes they kept getting distracted by a Robin in the flower beds at one end of the green. I kept telling them I've got two of those coming regularly to my garden, ten a penny down our way, funny thing it was, just a bit bigger than my Robins and didn't even have a proper red breast just some patchy orange shading along it's flanks.
 The Robin Causing a Fuss

Just between you and me these new fans also need to get with the dress code, very few in white and quite a few of them could do with a shave.
Apart from this bird causing a distraction the day was superb, we did have a parking problem as we arrived as it seemed some travellers had parked up and their urchin kids were up to no good.
 "Can you see the Wallet?"
The Chocolate Bribe

So no birding for me today, anything about?



Superb alan, superb. Excellent that you are introducing the kids to new experiences, and not just dragging them around twitching. Well done!

Ipin said...

Nice one