Monday, 2 May 2011

Normality Tomorrow

With four days work from the last five I've been far from the maddening crowd this long weekend, with a massive passage wader invasion across the country  and a Pom-fest on the south coast it's been bloody busy too! I've slipped in a couple of early mornings and late afternoons here and there without seeing anything hugely impressive, Whimbrels, singing Reed Warbler, Great Spotted Woodpecker, hods of damselflies at a local golf course on Sunday and returning House Martins over the garden for the first time.
I even managed a lunchtime picnic with the kids on Sunday, Ella correctly identifying Chiffchaff  by song during the pate.
A Blackcap has been my constant companion in the willows just beyond the window as I work and the squeaking of the Starling family under a neighbour's eaves is rising in intensity today. Kids back to school this week so I expect to get some birding in Wed/Thur.
Here's a quick lineup of some of the commoner stuff that found their way into the camera this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

After the highs of the Royal long weekend that just what weed need to bring us all down to earth again ;)