Monday, 23 May 2011


If you got here via a Google search you won't be disappointed, trust me, you may have been let down in the past with poor quality images, maybe you've tried therapy and various other treatments and creams and nothing has worked. You find yourself trawling the internet, flirting with and skirting round at the periphery of sites offering porn. Flirt no more, as returning visitors will know this is fast becoming a home for high quality moth porn and tonight is no exception.

First up as the title suggests is the gorgeous Gold Spot and if this doesn't get you going there's just no hope for you.

Gold Spot in Missionary Position

Other stuff from the last couple of nights has included the elegant and sophisticated Angle Shades. If big come to bed eyes and sexy curves are for you then this is right up your street.

Maybe you like it a little darker, a little danger perhaps, not quite sure what you're dealing with and a moth that's just going to play hard to get. We can do that, this one goes both ways and has had several top local mothers questioning "Is it or isn't it?" I guess it's the ladyboy of  my moth week. Lick your lips for Mottled Rustic ( or so I'm told).

That's it folks now go and clean yourselves up and close the door on your way out.

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