Friday, 27 May 2011

Big Moth Night

Wednesday night saw a big increase in terms of volume and species trapped with 77 moths trapped across 38 species. Along with four species new for 2011, Buff Ermine, Small Fan-foot, Double Square-spot and Bee Moth, a fantastic eight new species recorded for the first time in the garden. These were Green Silver-lines, Lychnis, Lesser Swallow Prominent, Scorched Wing, Beautiful Golden Y (2), White-spotted Pug, Pale Pinion and Chamomile Shark (2).

I had my work cut out pre and post-work sorting this lot out, dodging showers trying to get images. Stewart popped over lunchtime to see the Scorched Wing, though best moment of the day was my 3 (nearly 4) year old boy pointing at the trap and saying "Dad that spotty one it's a White Ermine" correctly identifying only the second one he's ever seen!

 Green Silver-lines
 Chamomile Shark
 Lesser Swallow Prominent
 Scorched Wing
 Beautiful Golden Y
 Pale Pinion

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