Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Influence, Apparently

Ecairn is a private software technology company based in Silicon Valley in California, they specialize in community and influencers marketing and differentiate in 'who matters'. Listen and engage with people who matter reads their strapline.

I nearly choked on my Vimto Ice Lolly then when I followed a link on 10,000 Birds to their post entitled 'B is for Business, Blogs and Birds' where they have taken a brief look at the 'birding market' and spent some time looking at blogs to identify a list of the Top20 Influencers. Apart from recognising some rather popular US blogs that one at number 11 has a ring of the familiar about it.....

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Anonymous said...

You have been one of the pioneer birding bloggers, so credit to you. I hope it translates into hard cash...! :-)