Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Birds on the Bay

The text arrived just as I was leaving swimming lessons with all three kids, a Shorelark at Druridge. There aren't too many in Northumberland with a handful of records annually these days and they are smart birds after all so I rang AG to get some more information. Found early afternoon by Winnie (ex-Craster) and still present late afternoon. There and back in an hour I figured.

No one there when I arrived, which is the way I like it to be honest, at least you have to look rather than just have it pointed out. I tumbled out the car and a few seconds later it was eye-balling me from the grassy knoll.

Smart, by the time IDR arrived I'd filled my boots, grabbed some pictures and was perched on a molehill scoping it as it scurried about the weedy short turf. I didn't see any 'horns' in the field but looking at that first shot it does seem to have short horns, female perhaps?

Not wishing to waste the petrol I headed back via Cresswell for a quick roadside stop. Without even lifting the bins there were three rather obvious Avocets north of the causeway, including a colour-ringed individual, a long overdue Northumberland self-found tick for me. A further scan around produced three White Wagtails and a Yellow Wagtail, probably my earliest ever Yellow Wagtail in Northumberland.

 Feeling rather too pleased with myself  I stopped again at Lynemouth Flash, a small wader just over the rise of the spit looked tiny with a little streaking at the breast sides, creeping about and not showing well, picking stint-like and by now I'm on the phone to ADMc saying "forget the Avocets I might have a Temminck's Stint" though by the time he arrived four or five minutes later said small wader had outed itself as something rather less rare, ho hum. I'm trying to make the most of it and string it as an arctica/schinzii type, though frankly I'd probably be better just shutting up. I could of course have just left this little faux pas out of the post but in my view if you're not making mistakes you're not trying hard enough (and slightly less than honest).

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I thought female too...