Friday, 1 April 2011

BBRC In Clandestine Curlew Caper

Rumours surrounding BBRC and the Slender-billed Curlew have been rife in recent days see here and here. Only now though am I able to bring you the exclusive shocking truth of what has really been happening behind the scenes.
Earlier today a top BBRC operative known as Agent M was captured on a covert mission deep in Northumberland whilst trying to secure detailed location images of the Druridge Pools site. Images taken by the snatch team leave no doubt as to the identity of the operative in question and that he had accessed the site in  question; we believe he was operating alone.

We are still to ascertain how Agent M managed to access this most holy of Northumberland's birding sites. Agent M was immediately removed and bundled into an old Vauxhall Zafira a military vehicle and removed to Cresswell Pond one of Northumberland's Top Birding Locations for interrogation, after a short stop to look at some Twite.

Despite the years of training to cope with extreme conditions and deprivation we know these covert operatives undergo in Shetland politically unstable, militant and remote locations. Using the internationally accepted and Geneva Convention recognised interrogation technique of Cormorant Race Identification, Agent M gave up many of the best kept secrets of the Dirty Dozen BBRC when questioned by Colonel Mike 'sinensis' Hodgson.

Whilst the more reactionary elements of Northumberland Birding have, as is known, issued a Fatwa against the BBRC leading council, forcing many of them to go into hiding and only meet in secret locations. The NTBC committee decided on returning Agent M after some brainwashing gentle persuasion.

An exchange was duly agreed with the other side and a little after midday today Agent M was taken to the Birding Frontier and placed on a train heading south. Northumberland Birders armed with the retained BBRC secret code identification books are now confident that the long absence of Yellow-legged Gull and Caspian Gull in the county will be corrected and that those Eiders around the Farnes with big, bright orange bills just might actually be worth looking at.


Andyinblack said...

Possible sighting of member of snatch team heading back to base in zafira/military vehicle at around 12.30 today.Observed from Royal Mail van taking mail to Morpeth.

Earl Gray or Dave for short! said...

Agent M was also seen in Leicestershire last month at some dodgy gull sites, but only got away due to a nice curry and few beers in the evening!!