Saturday, 12 March 2011

Tsunami & Albatrosses

Whilst the mainstream media have understandably being concentrating on the human tragedy unfolding as a result of the Japan Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami I wondered what it might mean for some of the Pacific bird populations and figured in the digital age there would be some gen out there, so here is a quick summary and a few links in case anyone else is remotely interested

Audubon California  are reporting that the colony of c.400 Black-footed Albatrosses nesting near the shore/pier on Midway Island has been wiped out.

Friends of Albatross on Midway are reporting significant damage to the Laysan Albatross colony on Midway with 'hundreds' of chicks killed as well as some adults. There have also been some problems with Petrel burrows and volunteers appear to have been in action digging some of the survivors out.

As reported on birdguides earlier today the chick of 'Wisdom' 60 year old Laysan Albatross and oldest living bird in the Northern Hemisphere has apparently survived on East Island.
Also on Midway Atoll the first Short-tailed Albatross chick outside Japan in recorded history also survived the tsunami.(per the US Fish and Wildlife Service on Twitter)

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Igaware said...

Hopefully the Japanese fishing fleet and 'scientific' vessels have been wiped out giving marine dwellers some respite.