Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Oot to Play

The length of daylight by early March is just enough to allow for a post school rest and squeeze in an hour somewhere before tea. I spent much of my childhood outside, as I think did most kids my age. I may not say the words but on sunny, warming days I get get the "Mam can a gan oot to play" feeling.
We're lucky in having many nooks and crannies just a few minutes away, yesterday we spent the post-school rest hour in one of them. We didn't see much in the way of birds, not the hoped for Kingfisher or any returning Grey Wagtail but there is no rush, not when it feels like this.


Stewart said...

The view from the stepping stones eh. I used to 'live there' when I was a lad...Hawfinches on a couple of occasions, a heronry, Green woodpeckers and Spotted Flys annually and once a near kicking by the lads from Stakeford after I shot one in the chest with my catty, knocking him off a tree stump into the drink.

Great days... :)

alan tilmouth said...

You've brought a tear to my eye; I think we should get Robson Green to play you when we get the TV deal ;)