Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Moths So Far

Today was a slow day bird-wise with nothing worthy of a mention, though loads of raptor activity in the soaring temperatures, so I caught up on last night's moths this afternoon whilst the kids washed snail shells in the garden.

Two days ago I managed a single moth a somewhat unexpected Water Carpet the 4th March record for Northumberland and 2nd earliest on record. With only a couple of handfuls of mothers (and they're all bad ass) in the county my friend in the north kept this in perspective for me with his sage words " I don’t think it pays to assume that these records are genuinely noteworthy until loads of observers are out there, trapping early enough, in enough quantity" So I cancelled the TV Cameras and  pulled out of the radio interview and instead will be restrained and only publish one of the 412 images I took of said carpet the morning after.

Water Carpet - nothing to get excited and send text messages about, as if.

Last night brought in seven moths (2 Hebrew Character, 4 Common Quaker and an Agonopterix heracliana ). Have some pics.

And today, well quiet as I said, I had to content myself with fiddling around with the camera at the beach whilst the kids did stones and collected snail shells (for later washing). I did poke around a few phragmites filled ditches on the off chance of something blue-ish but the only thing blue today was the sea and the sky.

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Stewart said...

Calm doon, calm doon, its just a watta carpit...Far better get excited about the Oak Beauty.