Monday, 21 March 2011

Early Morning Birding - Late Night Mothing

With a day old report of a Snow Goose at Ashington appearing on birdguides catching me and I assume all the other regulars unaware there was nothing else for it but an early morning ahead of my sleepier half leaving for work. I left the trap on over night and was delighted to find a moth actually in an eggbox in the trap this morning rather than perching externally (more later).
So at 06:20 I had my earliest ever Waxwings, earliest in the day ever that is, ravishing berries aside the Ashington Bypass. By 06:30 both Greenland & European White-fronted Goose were duly noted but the only white remotely goose-like individual was a Mute Swan.

Post breakfast I hit the beach with the kids, resisting the temptation to set them loose in a phragmites filled ditch to see what came out. It was quiet. A song-flighting Meadow Pipit the only new addition. A Peacock was in flight at Woodhorn, where one of us acquired the first nettle stings of the year. The journey home found more Mipits with a largish group around the wet patch in the 'Whooper Field' at Linton crossroads. 50 (exactly, I counted) Fieldfares were on grassy pasture at Longhirst Station.
After lunch we headed to the woods and after yesterday's non-singing garden Chiffy we had a 'singing in snatches' Chiffy as well as a couple of Marsh Tits.
We returned empty-handed from an early evening  owl foray for Long-eared's with only vocal Grey Partridge and Pheasant to show. The trap is back out and I already have one in the fridge so expect a moth post coming soon.

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Kah-Wai Lin said...

Nice capture on waxwing!