Sunday, 20 March 2011

Calm Before?

Last night despite the large moon the trap managed to attract a single March Moth my 2nd of the year and only the 3rd moth for the garden so far. I'm more hopeful about tonight given the temperatures and cloud cover.
This morning was spent predominantly at Newbiggin trying to mop up some of the missing common species; I added Little Grebe  and a pair of roaming Coal Tits overlooking Woodhorn Flash before heading for a look at a quiet sea.
Very little movement, as you might expect given the wind direction and strength; three Goosanders over an hour were patch year ticks and the first Puffin of the year moved north albeit some distance out. I flogged the ditches and gorse after noting the Bluethroat at Spurn though this proved fruitless, the only blue and white the glinting of a discarded Red Bull can. Five Meadow Pipits on or over the golf course were fresh in and little consolation.
Further up the coast Cresswell Pond and Druridge Pools both held pairs of Pintail and a Stoat crossing the Cresswell causeway was amusing to watch.
The Sunday dishes in our dishwasher-free household are always a chore but were livened up slightly when a non-singing Chiffchaff appeared about 14:00, it remained only briefly before heading off west but not before becoming my 130th species of the year in Northumberland.

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