Friday, 25 March 2011

Birding Business

Most birders think of birding as a hobby, a mindset that I used to have. As the regular readers will know I set out some time back to see whether I could turn that hobby into something that paid the bills. Nearly two years on and the various strands of that wild, delusional dream  plan have some foundations.
One of the changes I needed to make right from the off was to begin to think of birding as a business; not too difficult given my previous working background and it adds an extra dimension to how I view birding. I'm interested in the companies, their strategies and the how the conservation organisations present themselves, how they 'compete' in the harsh economic climate we all exist in.

Anyway that might put into some context the next few paragraphs. I get to read a huge amount of on-line information as part of what I do, some of it occasionally offers insight into the birding business and I came across an interesting piece of self-promotion involving a company that counts the RSPB as a client. Now not everyone has good things to say about the RSPB and their are many who feel they have deviated from many of the things that should be important. However I like the fact that they are big enough and smart enough to start taking on big business interests and genuinely becoming the 'voice for nature' they lay claim to. This self-promotion in simple terms shows that the RSPB are increasingly using sophisticated methodology to communicate their message and reach their target audiences and their working with business professionals in order to do it.

On a completely different note I also came across an album by ex-Beautiful South musician David Rotheray from Hull called The Life of Birds; described as a modern folk concept album (ask Tom Mckinney he's bound to know). I assume David must be a birder or have some interest to have written an album like this Apparently DR is touring the album as we speak, though he seems to be avoiding the North East, so if you're into combing a bit of folk and some interesting bird references you could do worse than try and catch up with him.

For those that have no interest in anything other than the birds, I managed to dash out on a 'twitch' last night courtesy of a text from John Malloy and catch up with two very brief Great White Egrets at West Hartford minutes before they were flushed by a dog walking fat Hobbit. Plus ca change...


Stewart said...

1. I had a look at your link and I dont even know what that site is or what its about?

2. I saw Dave Rotheray with Sam Brown at Alnwick playhouse two years ago. Great.

3. I haven't had Bunty out at West Hartford?

Vanellus said...

We live in times where everything seems to be subject to cost benefit analysis and and a sound business case. The RSPB has occasionally attracted criticism for being hard nosed about the way it goes about its business, but I admire the organisation for balancing the demands of conservation and the real world.