Wednesday, 2 February 2011

This One's for Gary

I've long wondered why no one had launched a virtual birding game on any of the major games consoles or even on-line. With the upsurge in interest and the number of birders eager to learn more as well as the massive growth in home technology it would seem a logical step to appeal to those for whom the outdoors is just a step too far. Birding without ever leaving the house, well now it's here...almost. Swarovski have launched a 'Birding Game' that allows you to visit three different locations and identify the birds there by clicking on silhouettes to reveal images. There's even the opportunity to compete by registering your high score and possibly winning a pair of the new EL50's. Obviously someone at Swaro marketing is switched on and has recognised the appeal of virtual birding (simmer Gaz!) it may be little more than a data collection exercise but as data collection goes it's one of the more fun ones I've dealt with in a long while. So if you're looking for an excuse to avoid work you could easily waste a few hours on this.

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Stewart said...

Alan, dont you think we are all geeky enough without doubling it up. Not happy with being a grown man wandering about staring at little birds through binoculars and ticking them in a book, we now have to go home and play at it on our computers!!! That is just a step too far. I crossed that barrier when I find myself taking pics of the tiny moth that has tried to eat my curtains... :)