Monday, 14 February 2011

More on Forests

Last Wednesday I blogged about the vote on the government plans to sell off Forests and how predictably MP's had pretty much voted along party lines despite the growing negative feeling the plans from the public. I received a comment from one of my Facebook friends, querying the title of that post and highlighting that for all I knew those, predominantly Tory MP's may have had a huge amount of support for the proposals from their constituents. He was right, of course I couldn't possibly know the contents of every MP's mailbag and I was simply gauging what I thought the current zeitgeist was.
So it was with interest that I read this today. 52% of their own members believe the privatisation plans should be stopped, wake up boys and girls in Whitehall, time to think again!

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Bonsaibirder said...

I stand corrected! Well done for following this up. What bugs me about these proposals is that there seems to be no details about how the sold forests would be protected from inappropriate development. In which case I don't know how anyone could support it regardless of their political leanings.