Wednesday, 9 February 2011


The vote following the opposition day debate on government plans to sell off forests was rather predictable; as far as the results go they seem to show that only three 'government' MP's voted against the government despite the fairly obvious lack of public support for the idea of a sell off. Every other MP pretty much voted along party lines which on an issue like this is criminal. The three I can find who voted with their consciences were:

Mike Hancock Lib Dem Portsmouth South
Tim Farron Lib Dem Westmoreland & Lonsdale
Zac Goldsmith Conservative Richmond Park

So if you contacted your Conservative/Lib Dem MP to register your concerns you might want to touch base with them again and check why they ignored them.


Anonymous said...

An interesting post. You might want to check the wording of the final sentence.

alan tilmouth said...


Pete Woodruff said...

1. I registered my concerns with my MP, got a reply - thank you - indicating he was with the government on this one.

2. He subsequently voted in favour.

3. I have been in touch again voicing my disappointment.

4. Bet I don't get any more replies from this 'chappie'.

Terry said...

Well done on publicising this, Alan. Zac is a true environmentalist, so it does not surprise me he voted against but it is shocking that only 3 voted that way. These guys and girls rely on our votes, so we have more power than we realise sometimes. Let's use it!