Sunday, 9 January 2011

Bird Deaths

I've been working so only garden birding between Waxwing reports for two days, though my eight year old gripped me this morning with our 2nd garden record of Jay, two as it happens. They prompted a full family twitch, a rare event.
My Inbox has been dominated by stories of mysterious bird deaths across the globe, obviously having an inquisitive nature I've read around a little looking for possible answers. One blogger in Florida (remind me never ever to holiday there) has the answer, I'm not linking to the blog in case they track me down but here is perhaps the best explanation for the mysterious bird deaths I've read all weekend quoted from that blog.

I do not believe these many strange and tragic animal deaths are a 'God thing' as some imply. Yes, He is allowing it to occur but the workers of Satan are behind it in my opinion. There exists weapon technology that most of the public is unaware which uses directed energy, scalar science, HAARP in Alaska and even chemtrails to harm and kill. It's no secret that one of the goals of the occultic illuminati is to wipe out the majority of the earth's population by whatever means and manage the rest with mind control. Fear is the main tool of Satan to manipulate the masses and these kind of events are being used to create panic in some and push the pre-trib rapture folks into a lather.

And to think I thought Lee Evans was to blame, after all he's responsible for everything else that goes wrong in birding isn't he? So now if we meet and I look at you a little funny, don't worry I'm just trying to work out if you're one of the occultic illuminati.


Rob said...

This is why has a "Florida" tag.

Codders said...

Yes, it was on the tip of my tongue also "Workers of Satan" who else could it be?

Name Withheld in case the men in white coats find out where I live.

Birding about Northumberland said...

What a load of piffle

Roger B. said...

How convenient to be able to blame everything on Satan and his mysterious allies!

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Bethan said...

But what is happening? it IS very mysterious - it's certainly not fireworks, and how do we know what goes on? pretending it's fireworks sounds like someone knows what it is and is covering it up. the older i get the more cyncial i become.