Friday, 14 January 2011

Anyone want Six Numbers?

The Birds – Will 2011 bring another first for Britain? What surprises might be in-store? Slaty-backed Gull on an East Coast Tip or an inland reservoir roost? Perhaps Willet somewhere in the south-west? Maybe another ship-born yank sparrow, Lincoln’s anyone? Or will we caught entirely by surprise by another Pacific alcid possibly taking advantage of an ice free north west passage, Horned Puffin off Hengistbury might take someone by surprise.

That's a passage from a blog post I added to The Crow Council site on New Years Eve. Today this so if you're a seawatcher at Hengistbury I'd consider reading up on Pacific alcids whilst the nights are still dark.

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russellfspencer said...

That is a beautiful Fieldfare image, well done!