Sunday, 19 December 2010

More Redpolls ( A Little Further Away)

"as soon as I reached the forest I was surrounded by birds. A huge flock of about 350 Common Redpolls  was around and with them were 3 Pine Grosbeaks and 7 Hawfinches."

Oh, how I wish they were my words, that home from an exciting day in the field after making an incredible discovery in some far flung frozen corner of Northumberland I was here to reveal the magnificence of my Grosbeak -finding skills. 
Sadly with Christmas within touching distance and snow everywhere (again) I've been housebound whilst the wife shopped. So the quote above is from a blog post by Andreas Buckheim about his birding day in Bogd Kan Uul which for all those south of Watford is a little East of Northumberland.
I can dream..
Anyway on a slightly more serious note if you do click the link take a good hard squint at the first male Common Redpoll, whilst out there it can't really be anything else, had I seen that bird yesterday it would not have been a Common Redpoll - buff wingbar, brown tones in the ear coverts lack of any white in the super - it's a classic example of why some of them are just confusing or why you simply can't do some of them from a single image, though the next two make up for it as do the Grosbeak pics.

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Stewart said...

Looks large against the larch cones, goldfinch like beak, well defined face pattern, looks like a good Mealy to me. Our little skinny Lessers are dowdy by comparison. Avoid the minutiae Alan, look at the bigger picture! ;)