Thursday, 9 December 2010

It's a Mega -pode.

Latest bit of work published today in the birdguides webzine, you can read here. Hopefully highlights more of the conservation work being undertaken by the Newcastle based World Pheasant Association.
One additional interesting nugget is that I believe the survey team are in discussion with the European Space agency to produce geo-thermal maps of the area, hopefully identifying additional suitable nesting areas.

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Stewart said...

There's a chap up here with one of the biggest captive pheasant collections in the uk. He has Satyr and Temminck Tragopans, Himolayan Monals, Koklass Pheasant, Silver, Golden, Reeves, Blue eared, etc etc plus Red Jungle Fowl various Quails and even a cock Capercaillie! I've seen them a few times ( he used to live with Janes sister). He must have 50 species of these stunners...