Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Crow Council

I've been a little pre-occupied of late with another experimental project. I saw the potential for multi-author birding blogs a couple of years ago, as some will know I tried with a local site in the North East that eventually crashed and burned for a variety of reasons. Having seen 10,000 Birds expand in recent weeks and the launch of Gunnar Engblom's Birding as well as reading some very insightful comments from Laura Kammermeier over in the US, I though I might try again. This time though I wanted to do something a little different, something that would involve authors who like to question, whether that be conventional wisdom, ideas or the occasional mass assumptions that we all make; I wanted birders who share of themselves on-line, go out of there way to create content that I've found informative, interesting, funny, challenging, difficult and inspiring over the past few years and I wanted to produce something that might have a positive contribution to make when it comes to debating birding issues rather than the negativity that surrounds many discussions on topical issues on birding.

Incredibly I found a bunch of birders who were only too keen to jump on board and The Crow Council was born. I'm still a little bemused by the talent that has signed up for this, if you spend much time on the web you'll probably be familiar with almost all of the names. Enjoy reading it as I'm sure it's going to be a fantastic site that will do everything the strapline suggests question, share and inspire. All the crows are looking forward to birders joining the discussions.

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