Monday, 6 December 2010

Bonus Extra Birding

My long-suffering non-birding wife was ill this morning, or at least in a certain amount of pain. Somehow despite that she charitably suggested I get out of the house and go birding WITHOUT THE KIDS ON A MONDAY MORNING! Or at least I think that's what she said I didn't really hang around long enough to hear the end of the sentence.
First up was a stroll amongst the sea buckthorn along the Wansbeck Estuary to look for Northern Bullfinch, of which there were none. Lots of calling Common Bullfinch maybe 7-8 in total feeding on the abundant orange berries. Sparrowhawk over, Woodcock lifting from the sun drenched north bank where the snow had melted off. Further down the estuary 52 Gadwall was a decent count, six Little Grebe and three Red-breasted Merganser all below the weir as well as 24 Carrion Crow.

As I reached the dunes at the end of the estuary  several Song Thrush enjoying the sea buckthorn and I flushed several Common Snipe and a Jack Snipe inadvertently as I rounded the corner and crossed the stream avoiding the iced over section.
A drive to Snab Point produced more Woodcock including a confiding individual feeding at the entrance to Lynemouth.

Two Lapland Buntings were still with Skylarks in the stubble behind Snab Point (though others had all four later in the day). The drive home produced a Common Buzzard over Ellington and a brief stop to count the remaining 31 Whooper Swan at Linton.


Dean Eades said...

Very nice

Pete Woodruff said...

You're opening sentence is brilliant Alan and must echo many a birders thoughts on what his wife said at times like this, though commiserations for your wife's suffering. Also enjoyed the 'stroll' with you.

Ghost of Stringer said...

Nice woody pic !

Northumbrian Birding said...

Yes Alan that Woodcock shot is great despite seeing over 30 today could not get one on the ground anywhere near as good.
Love the header also .