Monday, 15 November 2010

Sunshine, Sanderlings and Sea

It's not a Club18-30 holiday that's for sure. Too far down the line of 'no nappies' to backtrack but still dealing with certain issues in relation to poo, this morning's sunshine and lack of wind forced me into making a decision, could we take advantage of the weather without major incident? So we headed to the beach at Newbiggin, let's face it if it's good enough for the dog walkers....
For some reason I kept hearing that old John Denver song, 'Sunshine in the morning makes me happy' though for most of today I thought it was The Ozark Mountain Daredevils that had sang it for some strange reason. Anyway it does and it did this morning, although standing on a near-empty beach with a large camera and two small children, one of whom has her trousers round her ankles did have me looking over my shoulder in a slightly nervous fashion given the ability for so many people to see evil in everyday actions.
Birds, oh that''s right you're only here for the birds, not much to report I'm afraid five Rock Pipit about 50 Sanderling  and a couple of Med Gull (adult and 2nd-winter seen as you asked). Luckily I've worked out a way of getting some photography done involving a 10foot length of rope and a large stone, and the kids. It keeps them out of trouble and is good training for their late teenage years when they they inevitably fall foul of the law, get tagged and blame it all on my irresponsible parenting as I forced them outdoors and away from a normal childhood involving dawn to dusk TV and videos.


Pete Woodruff said...

I've only recently caught up with you Alan but have come to enjoy your way with words - and your birding of course - as all your 'regulars' will have identified ages ago....great stuff.

Emma Anderson said...

Lovely sanderling picture, Alan.