Tuesday, 16 November 2010

"Somewhere North Of Newcastle"

About 50 miles, though I won't allow Mr Riddell's poor grasp of northern geography to detract from the enjoyment my children, 'Lucky' Andy and I derived this afternoon from the smart male Desert Wheatear that was eventually reported today via BBC Autumnwatch and finally Birdguides.
With my last one only managing a three quarter tick (some of us are honest Lee) due to the lack of a tail, having missed the last one in 2008 and it being probably the last decent local twitch in 2010 it was an easy decision. A picnic was hurriedly thrown into the car as were the kids and off we went.

We arrived to a single observer, ex-county recorder Mike S Hodgson, filling his boots and camera card. By the time we left another former county recorder, an existing one and most of the Farne Islands wardens who had obviously shut up shop for the day were enjoying Northumberland's 5th deserti albeit in poor light.

There will be bigger and better images than this, particularly  if someone gets there in decent early morning light. However I would just like to end this post with a message to all the big listers, my kids are going to burn you up as they have time on their side, fail to take them seriously at your peril....
 Check out that tail Sis!

Camouflage? So last century dad.

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