Sunday, 21 November 2010

On a Lighter Note

This should add a certain amount of excitement to entering hides up and down the country, Id be most interested in seeing any examples of good field sketches as a result of any observation.

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Richard Dunn said...

Many years ago, the old Budge hide was being used by a couple for an act of, well, errr... anyway Old John Ferguson (he who used to start every conversation with "anything about")walked into the hide as they were well at it, after a very swift coitus interruptus they left the hide rearranging their clothing as they went... about two minutes later a very red faced "lady" returned to the hide to collect her handbag!!!
And I'm sure Stewart will remember the time he was at Druridge early one morning when he happened upon a bit of male on male action, not the kind of thing I personally find that erotic and I'm pretty certain didn't either, scary more like!