Thursday, 25 November 2010

New RSPB Scotland Offices

More accustomed to the presence of FTSE100 companies (there are 12 of them with offices there), Edinburgh Business Park is about to become the plush new home of RSPB Scotland. The RSPB has signed a 10 year lease on nearly 12,000sq ft at Lochside View in the prestigous development that is one of Edinburgh's main business hubs. Perhaps in the current climate the RSPB were able to drive a hard bargain on rents and a move to such luxurious surroundings makes good sense though it may raise a few eyebrows with those who feel they should be spending more on conservation programmes than luxury offices.


Vanellus said...

The photo of the Fieldfare is stupendous. Very bright and difficult background and contrast, but perfect light and colour balance on the bird. Also sharp enough to cut yourself.

I enjoy all of your shots; but this one is something extra special.

alan tilmouth said...

Ta, taken from the kitchen window (open) during last winter's hard spell.