Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Mongolian Bird Photo Contest

Just picked up a link from Axel Braunlich's fantastic Birding Mongolia site announcing the winner of the Mongolian Bird Photo Contest 2009 if you're not busy and not out in the field (Tom) go check them out there are some cracking images. Whilst not a big fan of Falconery, the Kazak falconers with Golden Eagles on horseback is just incredible and Benjamin Metzger's Relict Gull is eye-catching too.


The Liverbirder said...

Crikey! Jeepers! I did not realise what a place Mongolia is. The photos are superb, the electrocuted birds saddened me and not being a 'sparky' wonder how birds die in such circumstances.

alan tilmouth said...

What's great about the site is that many of the 'rares' that turn up here are common there so you get some great shots of mega-rare WP vagrants.