Sunday, 21 November 2010

Common as Muck

With the weather putting off any serious birding this last few days I've been concentrating on trying to search through some of the species available to look for something different, with it has to be said differing degrees of success. At QE2 I took the chance to look more closely at some of the dozen or so roosting Cormorant to see if I could pick out any continental or sinensis individuals. Waiting for a horizontal head posture so best to measure the gular pouch angle isn't the most thrilling of birding experiences I could recommend but nice when you are able to sort them out later and confirm the presence of two races.

 sinensis or 'continental Cormorant
juvenile carbo Cormorant

This morning after c.100 Waxwings behind Woodhorn Motors but now feeding on Rowans alongside the Portland Estate, I headed up to East Chevington for another 'listen' for the singing Cetti's Warbler, knowing it was a longshot in the weather, I gave it an hour without so much as peep. Cresswell still held a single Long-tailed Duck and female Common Scoter in the northeast corner though I never left the car in a heavy shower.
Three flocks and over 600 Jackdaws later I had two birds showing signs of a white collar, neither was particularly prominent and the underparts looked too dark for nominate race monedula Jackdaws.

Waxwing in grey morning gloom

I stopped by QE2 again as I headed home to do the Yorkshire Puddings and a picture I saw on Tristan Reid's Binocularface site, niggled at me when I saw this lone Canada Goose. It was the dark throat stripe that caught my attention, not unlike the bird Tristan had highlighted as spending several years at Caerlaverock. Having consulted it would appear that perhaps 1in10 of the bog standard, local pond type or Atlantic Canada Goose to give it it's Sunday name show this dark throat stripe, not something I can honestly say I've noticed, though if the weather continues like this you might find me counting Canada Goose throat stripes from the safety of a warm car.

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Cormorants AND Canadas, oh man....