Monday, 1 November 2010

Beating My Own Drum

I've made no secret of my admiration for the 10,000 Birds blog so when I found out they were expanding the multi-author format to include a whole range of other talented bloggers from around the world I beat a path straight to their door. Throwing myself down before them I begged to be allowed to sweep the aisles or make the tea. I got my wish (gulp).

I'll be posting on the 17th each month for now, though I'll no doubt link to each post here as well. Do visit though as they have put together a great team with some great birders/bloggers.


Charlie said...

Hurrah. Welcome on board! Charlie

Clare said...

Congratulations Alan. You're a great addition to 10,000 Birds.

Anonymous said...

Good work Alan. 10,000 remains the peerless bird blog. Look forward to your posts.

Tom McK

alan tilmouth said...

Thanks Charlie appreciated and I know I'm in good company with you on board Clare.
Tom if I manage a fraction of your wit and productivity I'll be pleased, thanks for stopping by.