Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Waxwing Lyrical

After a helpful early morning update from Stewart that the 40 strong Ashington flock of Waxwings were still around, ranging across a 1km mosaic of Rowan and Whitebeam lined streets, gardens and garage forecourts, I wrapped the kids up warm and headed out.
Some two hours later we arrived back home, slightly dejected that our quarry had managed to successfully elude us. We had ticked 3 towns, 2 garage forecourts, 72 Rowan and 112 Whitebeam. I had a blog post all written in my head about 'The Great Waxwing Con' and how the supermarkets were in league with birdguides, paying them to report hundreds of Waxwings at superstores across the country in a bid to drive footfall and try and restore flagging sales.
Lunch needed by my fellow hunters the blog post had to wait and another lunchtime phone call from Stewart that they were still around, as they had flown over him, but he wasn't sure where. Fed and watered we headed back into the fray and parked up near a couple of likely looking Rowan. Still nada and with the kids now sleeping soundly I headed back to the original garage forecourt that they had first been reported from yesterday. On a couple of flimsy looking Rowan to the east suddenly a shape whipped up, then another. I counted about 20, only seven moved into larger trees in the forecourt's landscaping the others continuing their rampage elsewhere. The seven left, offered a better opportunity for pics than the three from the weekend.


Stewart said...

Thats better!

Laura K said...

Waxwing Lyrical!
Serial Trillers!


Alan, it seems you've had better luck managing the kids during birding outings, yes?