Tuesday, 26 October 2010


It clouded over, warmed up and dried off this afternoon. Too late to do anything serious so I squeezed the twins into the various garish assortment of wellies that linger in the car boot and headed around teh corner and off across the local fields. With Waxwings seemingly in every berry bush, except the ones I was looking at and any located in Leicester, I scanned the skies in between keeping the kids upright and accident free.
A female Blackcap fed on Elderberries not 5 metres from the garden and a single Redwing raised a creamy eyebrow at us as we passed. Scanning east I caught sight of a bird hawking for insects about 20m above the conifers on the old pit heap about 1km away. Except as it twisted and turned it became apparent it wasn't a bird but a Noctule bat taking advantage of the relative calm and warmth to stock up on a little food. First one I've seen hunting in daylight but I'm reliably informed by those that know that it isn't uncommon.
Hopefully tomorrow with sunshine forecast I might catch up with a few Waxwing and try to get some better images.

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