Sunday, 10 October 2010

They Think It's All Over....

I'm willing to lay good odds it isn't, there will be many, many good birds still out there to find in the next 2-3 days with the winds continuing to have an easterly inclination and some low cloud on the east coast (at least tomorrow). Today's superb find of an Isabelline Wheatear in Suffolk will no doubt draw some of the attention of the 'long weekenders' if it is still around tomorrow.
After two days that have seen over 1000 reports issued at the office with quality almost outdoing quantity, I finished it by been chauffeur driven by ADMc to Craster to see if we could catch up with the Radde's Warbler found by county recorder Tim Dean this afternoon. I'm pleased I wasn't driving as my eyes continue to hurt from the combined optics and screen marathon. Despite a couple of hours on site there wasn't a sniff but in an area that has a frightening amount of habitat it was perhaps no surprise. That said we had a pleasant enough time, with many Goldcrests, Robins, Chiffchaff, Blackcap too watch as well as a hedge full of Tree Sparrow.
Frank Golding's photographs of some of today's birds such as the St. Mary's tart of a Red-flanked Bluetail parading itself on fenceposts and the Tynemouth Dusky with the most Radde's-like legs I've ever seen, as well as a confiding Yellow-browed Warbler that had been in the hedge behind just before we arrived were entertaining.
Andy and I were the last to leave, Andy picked up a Redstart then as we listened to a calling male Bullfinch in the last 50m of hedge a Yellow-browed Warbler sitting quietly atop a hawthorn in the evening gloom (surely a second bird?) to round off the day.
Tomorrow I am once again sans enfants it really is about time the local ringing groups started to offer creche facilities for stay at home dad birders, I have some great branding ideas Mist Nets for Minors perhaps or Trapping for Toddlers. With a dry day forecast I'll be out looking again somewhere under-watched and where the kids can wrestle sheep or try a bit of surfing whilst I bash bushes or kick tussocks.

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