Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A Rough Winter?

Graham Catley has highlighted the excellent numbers of Rough-legged Buzzard that have passed through Falsterbo, Sweden  in recent days (1838 between 11th-16th October) and how it compares with the 2009 total of 185 for the whole autumn.
A quick look at the last three days on Birdguides highlights reports from seven eastern English counties from Cleveland to Essex, with perhaps 10-15 individuals involved. There could and should be more out there to find but as some will tell you finder beware they are possibly one of the most misidentified species and many reports do turn out to be simply pale juvenile Common Buzzards.

Can you tell I'm not getting out much? Toilet training twins is taking its toll, a snatched hour this afternoon saw me sifting through a flock of large gulls that were all Herring, all 254 of them, roosting in ploughed fields east of Laverock Hall Farm before a brief walk through the old allotments at Cambois to look for lingering or fresh migrants. The disembodied call of an overhead Redpoll sp. was the highlight of the walk.

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