Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Robin Vocalisations

Whilst we were at St. Abbs on Sunday and trying to relocate the Barred Warbler we suddenly heard what sounded like a Swallow alarm call from within the same scrub. This call was repeated several times, after which a Robin was spotted atop a Hawthorn directly in front of us. I've never heard Robins emit this two note call before and I don't think either Stewart or the other birder present had either. Subsequent discussion has resulted in Stewart suggesting a young male 'learning' to sing. I was reminded of this today whilst hanging washing out in the garden as another strange call emanating from our shrubbery also morphed into a Robin. I've just gone through all the Robin calls in Xeno-Canto and there is no recording of this Swallow type call. Anyone else come across it?


Andrew Kinghorn said...

Hi Alan, have you listened to the calls of continental Robins? Forgive me if you know this: continental Robins have a different song and I would guess different calls. So perhaps the birds you are hearing are migrants from continantal europe?

alan tilmouth said...

I'll forgive you Andrew,that's why I went to Xeno-canto to check if it was an alarm call from Scandinavia or perhaps further east but drew a blank.