Monday, 11 October 2010


I took the kids off north this morning to Alnmouth, less watched but with a lot of cover Alnmouth Common is capable of turning up a few birds. Over the time I had a business in the village Citrine Wagtail and Black Redstart were the only notable birds I found but the south facing bracken filled slopes that are slowly scrubbing over due to lack of management are great for summer warblers.
We took a slow walk from the old drinking fountain to the north end of the beach, a couple of Stonechat, 2-3 Chiffchaff and a huge number of Robin I would estimate there was at least 40, most fly catching from bracken or isolated bushes.
By the time we reached the north end a party of c.30 Pink-footed Geese moved south over the sea and a few minutes later c.50 Barnacle Geese filled another gap in the self-found year list as they moved north, yapping all the way. An unfledged Woodpigeon sat in a nest not 2m from the beach, perhaps not so late for this species but it seemed odd nonetheless as almost everything else has completed its breeding cycle.

After lunch we climbed 'the mountain', an immature Ring Ouzel the pick of the common migrants, lifting from the narrow dice path midway along Bracken Hill just below the beacon. More Chiffchaff and Robins almost every 20m. Later walking back along the road by the golf course pond we found Goldcrest, Blackcap, 5-6 Chiffchaff, Song Thrush and a small party of Siskin feeding in sycamores.

We ended mid-afternoon in the small kids park behind the village that has the advantage of overlooking the estuary. The kids enjoyed some climbing and swinging whilst a flock of c.100 Herring Gull kept me occupied, a single Lesser Black-backed Gull and a darker mantled individual, presumably argentatus from one of the northern populations, the only deviants amongst the group.


James said...

Should've gone to Teesside. Red-eyed Vireo, Shore Lark, Hoopoe...

alan tilmouth said...

It's a bit far for the kids and some birders are less than child friendly especially when the enfants in question think nothing of a bit of tripod shaking.