Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Places to Go, People to See

A short post highlighting a couple of links of significant interest. If you're interested in conservation (and if not why not?) you probably read about various issues, projects and topics via the net. Well now you can go one step better and listen to the issues, as conservation champion and one of my blogging heroes, Charlie Moores from 10000birds has just launched a new site called Talking Naturally.
What better way to spend the dark evenings than listening to Charlie interviewing some of the many conservation heroes about the issues via his new series of podcasts. A natural broadcaster Charlie is set to become the Johnny Walker of the conservation world.
Another great blogger Terry Townsend has recently been shipped from Denmark to China and his Birding Copenhagen blog has morphed into Birding Beijing. I dropped by today to check out what he'd been up to over the weekend to find he too had been ticking Red-flanked Bluetail over the weekend, in his garden in Beijing!


Charlie said...

Alan, you're way, way too kind - but many thanks for the plug! Johnny Walker - I wish? Cheers

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug, too, Alan! The red-flanked bluetails have all gone south now but, in another mirroring of the UK scene, we now have waxwings... but not just Bohemian, also Japanese :-)

Cheers, Terry