Sunday, 24 October 2010

More Reasons to Shop At....

Well it isn't going to be Waitrose is it, not in my current financial condition after the last few months of non-stop birthday/wedding/any old excuse family celebrations that have been taking a steady toll on the rainy day fund. If you want Waitrose quality posts you better go here. I will recommend their tear and share Brioche though, I seem to remember consuming a whole one on the way back from a trip south of Hexham a few years back.
To be honest I don't shop in Morrisons either but I don't expect you're here to read about my shopping habits.
After an early morning hour at Church Point that was seriously short of action, with what is increasingly beginning to feel like the cast of Last of the Summer Wine (Mclevy, Steele, Cleeves and Hepple), I headed home. My own personal haul amounting to a 3 second distant Little Auk that flung itself into a trough and never reappeared, two northbound Great Northern Diver and a slight niggle in my lower back.
With kids party duties, shopping and Sunday Lunch preparation duly dished out between the fair lady and I, my attention turned for an hour to the forthcoming NTBC Members Survey and a little form design.
Somewhere around three the Iphone pinged its hourly email alert to reveal that two, of what is increasingly looking like decent numbers this year, of Waxwing were a mile and a half down the hill in Morpeth in Morrisons car park, or at least they had been two hours earlier.
I bundled the kids in the car and headed down for a squint. Supermarket car parks get three species in my experience, Dunnocks, Waxwings and a long time ago, some brightly coloured Yank warbler that drew a small crowd.
As is their habit the three were more approachable than should be allowed. They steadfastly refused to be ruffled as I virtually sat under the tree and climbed nearby walls trying to get a vantage. The downside of their stick-ability was that from a photographic point of view the angles were poor, so not the most conventional of Waxwing portraits resulted.

Footnote: I would like to dedicate this post to one-time Newbiggin stalwart Stef Mcelwee who is apparently suffering a deep depression over missing out on the Red-flanked Bluetail patch tick. Stef is currently on a retreat in the Cairngorms taking some time to come to terms with his loss, my thoughts are with him.

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James said...

Did Jimmy recover from missing the Sykes'? Love the first shot - very painterly.