Monday, 18 October 2010

Irish Ban Poisons

Whilst no one is naive enough to think that the ban implemented by the Irish Government that makes it illegal to poison any birds or animals (apart from rats and mice) will end the problem on the Emerald Isle, it is at least a clear statement of intent and a positive move that is to be welcomed.
An unambiguous statement from Irish Environment Minister John Gormley said the poisonings gave a "very negative image" of Ireland.
"These regulations are to address the poisonings which resulted in the deaths of 12 eagles and other birds of prey earlier this year," he said.
"I am very concerned that these poisoning incidents could damage the projects to re-introduce the golden eagle, white-tailed eagle and red kite which are being funded by my department. Such actions are irresponsible as well as illegal and they give a very negative image of Ireland's farming and tourism sectors, nationally and internationally."


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