Sunday, 12 September 2010

Top Ten Blogs

After wasting several hours trying in vain to download an update to Iphone's operating system that has been squeezing my bandwidth narrower than an Arctic Warbler's super, I've given up trying to write an update of the last few days full on birding festival. Instead I'm offering the compromise of my current Top Ten Birding Blogs, the best reads out there for birders in the blogosphere, the blogs that give you just a bit more than clever titles and crap photos. These blogs are my daily inspiration to blog and to keep trying to blog a little differently. All of them are outstanding in their own way, either for their writing style, imaginative posts, superb images, varied topics and often all of these. Bookmark them, visit them, share them, enjoy them.

1. 10000birds - said it before but it's worth repeating, the benchmark in bird blogging. Kings of content, conservation champions and clever writers, 10k never lets me down.
2. Martin Garner - right now MG's new blog is essential reading, good images and insightful, useful ID comment from a knowledgable UK birder. If you want to find birds this is one to follow.
3. Jos Stratford - I find myself dipping in to Jos's archives regularly right now, great images from Lithuania, an endless supply of trip reports from great locations and an enthusiastic interest in butterflies and dragonflies, what more could you want.
4. Reservoir Cats - funny, edgy, dangerous, subversive, don't take yourself too seriously or Mr White will take you to town.
5. Laura Kammermeier - my favourite female blogger, birder and avid social media commentator, LK writes with intelligence and insight into two of my favourite subjects, occasionally takes a mean photo too.
6. Chris Gibbins - I couldn't not include a gull blogger and Chris is about as good as they get; if you like lots of gull eye candy to drool over this is the blog for you
7. Wanstead Birder - banker turned birder 'Jono' Lethbridge has a dry style that won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I empathise with his circumstances and I want his column in Birdwatch.
8. Not Quite Scilly - Gavin Haig has been on a bit of a hiatus recently but he's back and lost none of his wit and self-deprecating humour, he's a patch birder so he has the moral high ground.
9. Stuck in a Rutt - ex-Birdguides teaboy, has now been deported to Scotland; Steve's posts are crafted rather than written and you can sense there's a bright light shining behind the balding brow
10. Birding Mongolia - love the pictures and every time I go here, I want to go there, there can't be many birders in Mongolia so drop by and keep Axel company

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