Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Short, Sharp Shock

Events caught up with me this morning and my planned twitch of the Greatham Sharp-tailed Sandpiper was buried under a mountain of mundane but must be done jobs.
A late afternoon collection of the kids hire suits for the weekend's family wedding saw me heading to North Shields. A third of the way there I seized the opportunity and joined the back of the queue south through the Tyne Tunnel accompanied by Joel.
Horrendous traffic resulted in us arriving at the small car park south of Greatham about 1 hour ten later. By this time many of the cars that whizzed by as we walked north to the Tidal Pool had dipped lights on such was the poor light.
With our target at the back of the Tidal Pool, views were distant, pictures impossible and what should have been a great bird a bit of an anti-climax as a result.

In fact the only redeeming feature was two Little Egret coming into roost in the small roadside wood adjacent to the car park as we stumbled back along the verge to the car as I think they provide a 'Self-stumbled' year tick.
To top the night off I now have pizza induced insomnia, hence the silly o clock blog post, I'll regret it in the morning no doubt.

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