Monday, 20 September 2010

Iranian Inspiration

I took a bit of a wobbler whilst out birding yesterday late afternoon and had to drop back home early, my occasional dizzy spells are either as a result of too much 'screen time' or the hereditary low blood pressure. It gave me an opportunity to take it easy for an hour or two though I logged back on late evening as there was a blog post I really wanted to continue reading.
I'm not quite sure how Jos Straford does it but his latest 'expedition' makes for inspirational reading. A month in Iran would be daunting for many folk, quite a few would probably not even consider Iran as a possible destination due to politics and the media view that gets touted about. However fresh back from a month long trip, Jos is writing, I can't call it a trip report as it wouldn't do it justice, an epic account of his adventures on his website.
Not for Jos an 'organised' group trip, nor a Ewan Mcgregor-style back up team; out in Iran on his own, often camping in the desert and hitchhiking his way around a country many westerners would consider hostile. You have to admire his style and his stamina to do it in late summer. His well-written, occasionally humorous account, packed with the fine detail that brings his journey and Iran to life is a must read adventure for any birder. Not only are the birds fantastic, I can't wait till he adds his pictures, but his experiences of and with the Iranian people will make you look at the country in a new light. Jos has put Iran firmly on my 'must do' list, go and read his account here and he might do the same for you.

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