Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Half Empty or Half Full

My lunch time catch up with the latest news brought this nugget from Scotland. When you're in business you need what are called 'differentiators', that's those things that make a business stand out as a little bit different from all the others. They're hard to come by as everybody is looking for them. Now it strikes me that the Samson's have just been delivered a great big feathered differentiator if only they could see it. Instead of complaining about the loss of a few chickens, they should in my humble opinion, be looking at every possible way of using 'the eagle angle' to shift more product and bring in more customers. In the ten minutes since I read this news story I've managed:

- Eagle friendly Eggs
- viewing platform with scopes for Eaglewatch
- T-shirts 'I survived the Eagle' with a natty chicken design
- Eagle souvenirs

One would think that the RSPB would also have noted that they have a FARM SHOP, why not get some eagle-related RSPB product shifted through the shop, demonstrate the potential VALUE these birds have? This would probably go a long way to both compensating the Samson's for their losses and changing their view about the whole White-tailed Eagle Re-intro project.
If we want farmers to deliver biodiversity, we have to recognise that most will also want to see the implications on the bottom line. Ignore these opportunities and we will not achieve half what we would like to achieve when it comes to restoration and longevity of many of our species.

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