Tuesday, 14 September 2010

As Green As Grass

I seem to be slipping back into being a single patch birder. Loads of time spent contemplating other options and yet my car always seem to end up at the same place. I guess it comes with the knowledge of what has been and what might be when it comes to Autumn, I just can't seem to resist the lure.
With a strong westerly blowing this morning I thought I'd try something different, grasses. We don't pay enough attention to the grasses do we? It almost worked if it hadn't been for the pesky birds getting in the way. First up a general shot of the golf course rough ruined by a couple of Bar-tailed Godwits strutting around just as I lined up the shot.

Further up the coast path it gets a bit weedy and you get a great mix of grasses. I found a good spot and began to plan a few shots when this annoying Lapland Bunting kept darting into view everytime I took a shot, luckily I kept my focus firmly on the grasses ensuring that the LB didn't get its best side shown.

A stroll along the Ash Lagoon bank produced little of note with much of the grass long and discoloured, a Garden Warbler made a brief attempt to attract my attention by diving into cover but I was focussed.
 Re-tracing my steps I went back to the coast path where I'd earlier seen some great weeds swaying in the wind that I thought would make a fabulous subject. Yet again I was foiled, this time by an upstart Wheatear parading itself and getting arsey. I gave up and went home.

Oh and just in case any of you are thinking that I've contrived this whole post to hide my obvious lack of photographic talent and frankly abysmal shots of Lapland Bunting you couldn't be further from the truth I wouldn't dream of doing anything so obvious.

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