Thursday, 12 August 2010


I planned to carry on working after I finished my shift today, various things still to do, a few travel guide write-ups, two species accounts for Birds in Northumbria still work in progress and a draft letter all needed. Not quite sure what it was that dragged me to the sea, I still don't think the conditions were all that good, a single Long-tailed Skua, possibly the earliest reported juvenile in the last ten years, the best that east coast birders could find. That is assuming you discount the Masked Booby report, maybe my sub-concious didn't, maybe it was that word 'possible' that once again fired up the grey cells into wanting to search far out in the waves for the possible. I wasn't alone.

As I approached from behind it was like that scene from the Magnificent Seven, a bunch of dishevelled cowboys staring into the distance when the seven are all set up and just staring out into the desert waiting for the Mexicans. That's where the similarity ended I'm afraid as today the 'Mexicans' failed to appear. Two Sooty Shearwaters one of which I didn't get onto, a couple of northbound Med Gulls, one nice summer plumaged Grey Plover, a calling Whimbrel and lots of sea.
However the winds look good for the whole weekend, or at least they do from this trough, so hope is just over the next wave and I'll be back tomorrow.

Edit (23:40)  It suddenly struck me that the word cowboy has taken on a new meaning since I was a lad and they were heroes. I should just highlight that it was not my intention to imply that any of the assembled throng was anything less than experienced, dedicated and thoroughly good at what they do as the later comparison to Yul, Steve and the gang implied. So no hurt feelings please.


Tim A said...


RBA put the 'possible' on the sighting

it didn't come from the observers

Tim A.

The Wessex Reiver said...

Good to see you're still out there blogging (after all it was I who dissapeared for a while). We all get caught out now with words - shows we're turning into our parents !