Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sykes's/Booted Warbler

After a dismal afternoon where I found little of note I headed home for tea. An excited call from the on-shift Birdguides op (thanks Steve) about 18:45 had me back out in a flash and off to Hadston Links where Martin Kerby had found a warbler that was being touted as a probable Sykes's Warbler. 
I may as well confess now I have no experience of Sykes's at all and limited experience of Booted so I've no intention of making any comment over the ID.

The warbler showed well to scope views intermittently for about an hour, briefly feeding on a rose for 30-40 seconds and occasionally popping out of various bushes. Booted would be a fourth county record I think and Sykes's a first for the county. All I will say is that it looks quite warm toned in the image below but that wasn't the impression I had in the field and I think that the warmth is more a consequence of the mid-evening light and incorrect camera settings.

I should really save this picture for a mystery bird competition as it has uniquely managed to not capture any of the features such as bill, primary projection etc that may have been useful. In fact it is quite possibly the worst photograph of a rare bird ever, there should be a competition for shots of this quality.

Sort that one out if you dare......

 Twitch Tension (Except Steve who has quite obviously been at the wine when the call came through)

Rather better images including the whole bird can be found at the NTBC Sightings Page 


James said...

Well that saves me emailing you for an opinion! Still looks a better punt than Flamborough then Hornsea Mere for the morning. Are you about?

alan tilmouth said...

No, the kids are still on holiday and they still think tripods are funny swings.