Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Son Spots Gull

I've spent the odd hour in recent days looking at large gulls. Given that there aren't many up here the chances of turning up anything unusual are slim, michahellis and cachinnans are still largely conspicuous by their absence in Northumberland. However if you don't look you don't find. I've looked and haven't found so instead have a picture of the nearest I got to an adrenalin pumping big gull find on my home patch.


I could almost here my mother's voice saying "Have you seen the state of that neck?"

Today the Bothal Black-necked Grebe was doing flybys at the southern end in the company of one of 23 Little Grebe on the pond. Several Snipe mooched about with the Lapwings on the western shore. Castle Island, once again a mud-free zone courtesy of a high tide coming over the weir this afternoon, still held two Black-tailed Godwit and a Ruff secreted amongst the Redshank.

No news from the Farnes today where the county's first Melodious Warbler foolishly insisted on Brownsman instead of Inner Farne yesterday, causing no amount of consternation for those that might have gone.

Instead I'm off to stand in the rain and look for aurora's, I've probably got more chance of finding one than I have anything remotely Caspian-like.

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