Sunday, 1 August 2010

Quiet Weekend

Keeping the mileage down I've been no further than East Chevington this weekend, though I was sorely tempted by Teeside. I have dossed about several other local sites at various times, a great many birds around now though little that is new to shout about. The Edinburgh House Crow turned into a very odd Jackdaw that did a partially passable impression, though brownie points must go to those commentators that had it down as one all along, I have to confess my money would have been on first adult House Crow but that's the joy of birding, you never stop learning and no matter how much you think you know it's all insignificant when compared with what you don't.

East Chevington produced an adult Roseate Tern on the beach early morning Saturday though I spent more time working through the few tens of large gulls on the North Pool with no reward. Arctic Skua  and Red-throated Diver were also in the bay. Med Gulls continue to tempt me to Newbiggin and whilst it's obvious that there is more than one group with up to 22 for example counted by one observer this morning I haven't managed more than 13 myself, though this is down to the laziness of not walking the full beach.

 More keys than an Elton John piano

I did come across White 'EL47' yesterday a colour -ringed individual that is back for it's fifth consecutive year, ringed at Haringvliet, Slijkplaat, Netherlands  it has been well reported with a long list of previous sightings, 46 in total. It also has some notable individuals that have reported it such as Dr Christoph Zockler who is doing such great work with Spoon-billed Sandpiper.

Elsewhere common wader numbers are increasing I have had three figure counts of Lapwing and Common Redshank over the weekend and a decent count of Dunlin too.
Whilst the sea is quiet a Great Skua this morning kept the interest even if it was a false dawn. I spent more time with large gulls at Blyth vainly trying to turn a pale-ish 3rd summer Lesser Black-backed Gull into a YLG without success I failed to find the reported Black-necked Grebe this afternoon at Bothal Pond whilst cycling with the kids.

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Nice 2nd pic of the Med Gull! :)